Bank of useful ideas



What we will support

  • Ideas that fit with the opportunities identified in the Burnie workshop
  • Ideas from Tasmanian owned and operated businesses, events, not-for-profit organisations and Tasmanian residents
  • Ideas that offer long term benefits for the Burnie community

We won’t support ideas

  • That only benefit an individual, or Bank of us staff member (or their immediate family)
  • From Political organisations or campaigns
  • That discriminate against people based on race, religion, gender, age, ability or sexual preference.
  • That pose significant risk to public safety or cause environmental damage
  • From any organisation promoting drugs, smoking, alcohol, or gambling.
  • or that could be seen to be in competition or conflict with Bank of us.

Things that may help you with your application

  • A letter or two of support
  • The finer details of your idea: provide as much detail as you can.
  • Tell us what you’ve invested in the idea to date or what you intended on contributing to the success of your idea (this may be $$$, putting together a plan, or maybe your blood, sweat and tears)
  • Your idea will be assessed against the areas of opportunity by the Bank of useful ideas advisory committee and Bank of us executive to determine the level and type of support.

Unfortunately, not all ideas will be able to be supported regardless of merit.


Connected Communities

You are passionate about your community and connecting people in a meaningful way. Your idea could be about bringing together community organisations, businesses and services or poking at big issues like transport or housing in a small way.

Eat, Play & Meet Locally

Rosny and surrounds is a great place to live. Your idea is about making it a self-sustaining community. We want to hear about boosting the local after hours scene, about making local businesses more accessible or about ways we can socialise with our neighbours.

Activating Your Spaces

You love the area you live and you want to help make it shine brighter. Your idea is about using the beautiful spaces around you in innovative ways. How can you contribute to elevating the waterfront, your local parks, and community spaces?